Elna Lotus SP 1975

Always liked to try something different & I came across this Lotus SP recently in an online Charity/Thrift Shop. 

I have no previous experience with these machines, & I generally avoid 'plastic'/'computerised' SMs. But the Lotus machines were a Design Classic IMO. Way ahead of their time as a quality, super compact, portable machine. MoMA says so too: ) I'm enjoying learning about it, but not finding much detail online. Yet.

Looked in good order, but missing its foot controller... Took a chance & got it for under £30, delivered safely: ) That's a feat these days, isn't it?

Very pleased when I had it in front of me. Excellent cosmetics, nothing broken, just a little stiffness turning over. A good oiling & service should fix that. Found a spares machine, with a controller, on Ebay which should enable this one to work properly & have an almost complete machine as spares: ) That's the plan anyway.



Later... The main machine is stitching very well now, just a little rotational stiffness which seems to be improving slowly. Note the crack in the foot control... Not mentioned by the seller, of course, but it does work as it should now.

The spares machine is really smooth & loose in comparison, but needed a new hook pinion gear. A common problem with the Lotus etc. Now fitted & it just needs the timing sorting. A little research needed here: )

It's a lovely machine in use. Only 4 basic stitches, zig-zag, blind stitch,? 3 stitch zig-zag & straight stitch, + reverse. Plus button holer. But does it all very well. I'm just impressed!

Latest pic here of my current Lotus machines...

 Been mating with the JBL Creature by the look of it?

The black cogs can be problemtic & may need replacing with the white ones, as above, details below... It's an easy fix though. The actual cog costs under £20, & 30 mins to change it.

The original black cogs are made from quite a brittle plastic. The white modern replacements seem to be less brittle. Time will tell.


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